• Serve as a high quality research center for social issues which are studied nationally and internationally with a comparative and longitudinal orientation.
  • Develop longitudinal and cross sectional data bases on various topics such as juvenile behavior, family violence, trauma and sexual abuse, adolescent immigrants, violence trends.
  • Serve as a clearing house for data and information on various social issued in the areas of interest to the researchers at the center, and provide a forum for dialog between academics and policy makers.
  • Educate a new generation of researchers by encouraging and supervising advanced graduate students and young scholars to participate in social research, using advanced quantitative and qualitative methods. 
  • Perform comparative study on immigrants and acculturation of juveniles in Israel and Germany.
  • Encourage policy-relevant applied research with particular emphasis on program evaluation and development.
  • Disseminating knowledge through professional publications and through informing and educating key policy makers about relevant issued based on research findings.
  • Organize national and international conferences where research results and policy relevant  issues will be discussed and reviewed.