The prediction of risk and dangerousness in domestic violence

The purpose of this study is to develop a decision making aid for social-workers, nurses, police personnel and judges that will assist them in assessing the extent and degree of danger to which a battered women is exposed. While aware of the limitations involved in the design of any instrument to predict dangerousness, the aim was to validate an instrument derived from clinical and empirical knowledge to assist practitioners to make decisions in potentially dangerous situations.

We explored the male partner related risk factors such as history of violence and involvement in deviant behavior; and the characteristics of recent violent events such as severity of violence, type of violence and duration, risk factors related to objective harm such as hospitalization, and severity of injury.

The sampling frame includes 500 women that were randomly selected from the service population of public welfare community agencies, battered women shelters and centers for intervention with battered women.
The data is being collected at the present time.