The Prevalence and Correlates of Domestic Violence in the Israeli Population

Duration of Research: 1998-2001

Funding Agency: The Israeli Ministry of Work and Welfare

Zvi Eisikovits (P.I.)
Gideon Fishman (P.I.)
Gustavo S. Mesch (P.I.)
Ruhama Goussinsky (Research Coordinator)

Project Description:
This is a national survey aimed at exploring the incidence and prevalence of domestic violence in the general population in Israel. More specifically we study the proportion of various kinds of abuse ranging from physical to sexual and emotional, the characteristics of violence in terms of severity, frequency and consequences, the socio-demographic profile of the violent population, and the geographic distribution of domestic violence. In addition we learn about the attitudinal structure of the sample in order to explore the relationship between attitudes fostering violence and violent behavior. Finally we attempted to describe the characteristics and correlates of societal reactions to domestic violence ranging from therapeutic to punitive.

The survey was conducted among a representative sample of the Israeli population including different ethnic, national and religious groups (n=3000). In each household an adult women was interviewed. From the same households an additional random sub-sample of males was also interviewed (n=500). The instrument was a survey questionnaire including about 200 questions administered in face to face interviews by trained interviewers at the informant's place of residence.

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